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So you want to look at some open houses for sale in Simpsonville this weekend? Good idea. An open house planned by the right realtor can help you in any number of ways. Open houses provide you information on how to list and show your own house and they can give you an idea of the quality of homes in an area before you waste too much time going house to house.

The best open house of all? The open house that you end up owning. Take a look at the open houses in and near Simpsonville listed by our partners at

So you want to look at some open houses for sale in Simpsonville this weekend? Good idea. Read More

Betty Ware

Betty Ware

ABBEVILLE — Betty Sprouse Ware, 89, widow of Robert Emory “Bobby” Ware, passed away peacefully at her home on Sunday, January 28, 2018, after a brief illness.

Born on February 7, 1928, in Abbeville, SC, she was the daughter of the late Ira Ernest Sprouse and Ruby Butler Sprouse. She was predeceased by her brother, Jack Sprouse, and by her great-granddaughter, Elizabeth Ann Snyder. Betty was retired from Fovil Manufacturing Company as office manager. Read More

Luxury Apartments For Rent

Looked At Luxury Apartments For Rent In-Simpsonville-SC

I was looking for a new apartment to move into and I wanted to get something a little bit closer to work. I also wanted to find something that was much nicer than the one I was living in. When I signed the lease for it I was in a rush to get moved into somewhere and didn’t think out the amount of time it would take me to get to work. I have realized over the time I have lived here that I need something closer. Read More

Renting Benefits

Renting Corpus Christi TX Apartments – An Optimum Option_Renting Benefits

Should I buy an apartment or rent it? What is best? These questions seem to be very difficult for those who have the resources that are adequate to buy an apartment or rent it. In this situation renting or buying is not compared on the base of budget because your budget suffices you to buy an apartment and own it. You need to compare from the point of the advantages of owning an apartment and advantages of renting one. Read More

Life Beautiful in Apartment Rentals

How to Make Your Life Beautiful in Apartment Rentals in Corpus Christi_Apartment Living

Are you going to live in an apartment for the first time? Do not worry from the new experience; it can be as amazing as it had been before when you shifted with your family to a rental house. Though, the features differ but apartment rentals in corpus Christi are amazingly beautiful. You do not find your life becoming boring and dull after you settle there and start living. Read More

Back Depression in Corpus

How to Fight Back Depression in Corpus Christi TX Apartnets_Apartment Living

Fighting depression and sadness becomes a difficult option at many times of your life. At times you feel that you cannot resist it any longer and feel like giving in to it. This can be dangerous for you. Instead of giving in to the depression try to bring some changes in your life to feel better. The monotonous life becomes dull and colorless for the people and they start feeling depressed. You start the change from your own self. Read More